Personal Chauffeur/Driver Concierge Amenities

We are not a Taxi or Limo service but rather a personal chauffeur or travel concierge service.

Thus, we offer a wide range of amenities not offered by many others such as:

  • On-board WiFi hot spot.
  • On-board laptop work station.
  • Phone & laptop charging station.
  • Refreshments (water, sparkling water, snacks).
  • Free use of complimentary umbrellas.
  • Clean & Fresh blankets & pillows.
  • Personal climate controls.
  • Heated & cooled seating.
  • Portable power station.
  • On-board translator.
  • With our “Handicap Placards” we have access to handicap parking.
  • Emergency first aid station w/ disposable bio-waste bags.
  • Professionally tinted widows for privacy.
  • Our vehicles are cleaned, washed & sanitized on a daily bases.

Let our personal chauffeur take care of all your business or personal travel needs.