Discounts Promotions & Coupons

From time to time, we like to stop to take time to thank those who have given of their time to help give us a better life.

We, at times do have special promotions & discounts. We can only accept 1 discount per ride but will always give you the greatest discount available at that time.

Business & Corporate Accounts

We offer Business & Corporate accounts a 10% discount.
(Must set up a Business /Corporate /Contractual account.)

Business account benefits:

  • We service all 4 regional international airports – Buffalo, Cleveland, Erie, & Pittsburgh.
  • Our coverage encompasses a 150 mile radius of Erie, PA (US)
  • We offer a 15% loyalty discount. (+ 10% service charge.)
  • You will have a faster response time.
  • You will have priority pick-up times.
  • You will receive concierge style treatment.
  • We also waive any “additional baggage” fees.
  • We also waive any “additional passenger” fees

Our vehicle will provide you the following amenities:

  • Free WiFi / Mobile hotspot.
  • We provide a phone & laptop charging station.
  • On-board Google translation service.
  • We provide a portable workstation. (Including desk) with LED lighting.
  • Refreshments, beverages and snacks are available onboard.
  • Complimentary use of umbrellas for inclement and unsuspected weather.

Ride-Share Program

There will occasions when there will be other guests heading to the same destination or local.

For those times, we do have a “ride share” program where we offer a 20% discount off our regular rates per guest. (+ 10% service charge.)

Military - Reserves - Veterans

To our brothers and sisters in arms, we salute you!

You have sacrificed so much of your time, family life, friendships and lives to keep us feeling safe in our daily lives. We really appreciate your service! – We thank you.

For you we offer a 15% discount. (+ 10% service charge.)

Police - Fire Fighters- EMT & All First Responders

To those who serve us at home every day, we salute you!

For the time, effort and sacrifices you make daily to keep us safe. For the lives you save and the families you keep whole without regard to your own well-being. – We thank you.

For you we offer a 15% discount. (+ 10% service charge.)

Seniors / Elderly

We’d like to express our gratitude for what you have accomplished in your lives for your families, loved ones and to society.

For all the times you fed us when we were hungry.
The times you clothed us when we were cold.
The times you hugged us when we were lonely.
The times you listened when no-one else would.
The times you stayed when we told you go.

– We thank you!

For you we offer a 15% discount. (+ 10% service charge.)

Those Needing a Little TLC

Tho “All Men Are Created Equal” we all need some TLC from time to time.

We have been blessed in this region with world renowned and nationally acclaimed health care facilities. For those requesting our services to or from these facilities,

We offer you a 15% discount. (+ 10% service charge.)

We do our very best to accommodate all our guest. We do have some limitations, but exert added effort to abide by the “Americans With Disabilities Act”. Thank you for your understanding.


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