Cleveland – Akron – NE Ohio

Cleveland is yours to explore!


Well folks, Cleveland is full of great stories and bustling with passion. There are so many things to see in Cleveland you’ll certainly want to come and spend some time here.

Visitors should consider visiting the Cleveland zoo or the Cleveland Aquarium.
Just a short ride west of Cleveland is Cedar Point, one of the world’s best amusement parks boasting over 70 exciting rides. Visitors may want to visit the downtown 5th Street arcades where you will indulge yourself in
renowned shopping .

Cleveland posts some of the America’s Finest Cuisine. From corner bars, neighborhood restaurants, new pubs and distilleries to the West End Market. Your taste will be delighted from its home hub perogies to it’s chop steakhouses to any of its many exotic cuisines.

No visit to Cleveland would be complete without a tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame , it’s
Children’s Museum or the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and the Greater Cleveland Museum of Natural History.